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Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

We understand the problems of Internet purchases and we want to make yours as comfortable as possible. But at the same time, we have to set up some ground rules. Lumen Defense Products is committed to your complete satisfaction!

Requirements: Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

§  All returns to Lumen Defense Products must be sent prepaid. We will not accept any COD shipments.

§  Only items returned within 14 days of the purchase date, in the original box, with a copy of the original Lumen Defense Products receipt, will BE eligible for a refund.

§  All merchandise must be returned in new condition to be eligible for exchange or refund, unless we determine them to be defective.

§  Worn or damaged items can be accepted for return only if there is a problem due to a manufacturing defect.

§  Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility, however Lumen Defense Products will pay for shipping out the replacement merchandise at no charge to you.

§  We can only accept returns of, or refund purchases made from Lumen Defense Products. We cannot accept returns of, or refund purchases made at other Internet sites or other stores.

Procedures: Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

If you have any questions:

Please  email or write to us (regular mail) at this address:

Lumen Defense Products
404 Beavercreek Rd Ste 236
Oregon City, OR 97045
United States


Please provide us with:

§  The specific reason for the return, exchange or refund request.

§  Which item is involved, please identify the make/model/color or part number.

§  What you would like us to do, exchange or refund.

§  Description of the replacement recommended, make/model/size/color or part number if an exchange.

§  An email address, regular mail address, or phone number so that we may contact you if necessary.

Shipping to us:

§  Ship the package to us, via regular ground freight, UPS or RPS, or USPS.

§  Do not ship COD; we will not accept any COD shipments.

§  If we determine that a freight reimbursement is necessary, we will reimburse you for standard ground rates. We cannot reimburse for any shipping charges beyond regular ground rates.

§  Upon receipt of the item, we will determine how best to resolve the situation, and we will contact you. We will respond as soon as possible. Please allow adequate time for freight delivery.